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NEXT MINIX IPTV ınstallatıon

First, Open a New Text Document and Save its Name as tvlist.txt.

Then Add Channels In The Following Format.

Sample Channel File

CHANNEL NAME,http://kanalurl/channel1

CHANNEL NAME 2,http://kanalurl/channel2

Save Your Channels to iptvlist.txt file in accordance with the above format. (Ask Us for Channel Links.)

Upload This File You Saved To USB And Insert It To Your Next Device.

Then, press the Menu button on your remote and enter the IPTV Menu from the Entertainment Menu.

On the screen that opens, press the green button on the remote.

Select USB and Press OK.

You will see the text of IPTV Channels Added Successfully.

After hovering over the channel, you can come to the full screen mode by pressing the red button.

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