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First of all, go to AppStore. Download and install the application called GSE SMART IPTV on your phone or tablet. Then Open Our Application and Enter the Remote Playlist Menu from the Menu Button on the Left.

Then Press the + Key. Select M3U Url Option.

Type myiptv from the drop-down menu to the top.

Enter your Playlist URL in the box below. (I have specified below where to get the playlist URL.)

Complete the process by pressing the Save button.

After Saying OK, you will see myiptv category.

You Can Start Watching Categorized Channels By Clicking On It.

Where is my Playlist URL?

Login to your address from your phone. Click on the Purple Colored Box in the Right Corner. 

Press the M3U Box from the opened page.

Click here on the page that opens, hold down the text, press the Copy Link Address Option and Copy the URL.

Paste it where I mentioned above.

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